Weight Categories

Weight Category Men Adult/ Master/ Senior Women Juvenile Kids
Rooster 55.499 kg n/a
Super Feather 61.499 kg 51.499 kg
Feather 67.499 kg 56.499 kg
Light 73.499 kg 61.499 kg
Middle 79.499 kg 66.49 kg
Medium Heavy 85.499 kg 71.499 kg
Heavy 91.499 kg over 71.499 kg
Super Heavy 97.499 kg n/a
Super Super Heavy over 97.499 kg n/a

Adult/ Master/ Senior Divisions (Based on training 3 times per week on IBJJF Guidlines)

Current Belt (if applicable) OR equivalent Total Training Time (estimated)
Beginner (White) 1 year & 2months
Intermediate (Blue) up to 3 years
Advanced (Purple) up to 4.5 years
Elite (Brown) up to 6 years
Elite (Black) 6 years or more

Kids Competition

For those wishing to enter kids this year, please do so by clicking HERE (NOW UPDATED TO 2016)

Competition Rules

Rules are in accordance with IBJJF, IBJJF Rule Book

Fight times

Adult (Men) 18 years to 30 years
White / Beginner - 5 minutes
Blue / Intermediate - 6 minutes
Purple / Advanced - 7 minutes
Brown / Elite - 8 minutes
Black / Elite - 10 minutes

Masters (Men) 30 years to 35 years
White / Beginner - 5 minutes
Blue / Intermediate - 5 minutes
Purple/ Brown / Black - 6 minutes

Seniors (Men) 36 years to 40 years +
All belts - 5 minutes

Fight Wear

Any colour rash guard or t shirt with shorts are allowed.

Terms & Conditions

All applications must be submitted by Wednesday Monday 26th September 2016 11.59pm.  No Entries will be accepted after this date or on the day.  FEES ARE STRICTLY NON REFUNDABLE.

All competitors must complete an additional waiver/disclaimer during on-line application or on the day before competing.

NOTE: Categories dependent on numbers. Any categories with low entries will be merged with the nearest category to your weight and age. We cannot guarantee sufficient entries for every category

Instructors/ Clubs / Block bookings
Any block bookings should be notified to Katie Simkin (07816 914540) in advance.

Weigh-In and Registration Times

Registered competitors only need to turn up an hour before their division is due to start. NOTE: You do not need to arrive at 9.00 am unless you are due to fight early in the morning.